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Playa Ancon Trinidad

Playa Ancon Trinidad Playa Ancon Trinidad until recently was a tourist-only beach on the south coast, but it has two big pluses: it is 6 kilometers of largely empty white sands; and it is near the historic town of Trinidad. The diving is also spectacular at the Playa Ancon Trinidad. You can get there by bus or […]


Playa Santa Maria del Mar Havana

Playa Santa Maria del Mar Playa Santa Maria del Mar is one of the best spots. It’s a $12 ride from Havana Centro or Vieja to Playa Santa Maria del Mar, add $2-3 from Havana Vedado or Miramar, and a $16 ride from the airport – airport cabs may try and charge more so ask […]


Playas del Este Havana

Playas Del Este – Havana’s South Beach To the east of Havana on the north coast, a 15 minute drive from central Havana on a reasonable dual-carriageway, lie 10 miles of white beaches, the Playas del Este : Havana’s South Beach.   The Playas del Este resorts are still little more than villages and are […]


Beaches in Cuba

Beaches in Cuba There are three types of Beaches in Cuba : great beaches effectively reserved for Western tourists; great beaches where Cubans and tourists can go; and some pretty terrible beaches.   “Top 10 best beaches in Cuba?”   When Cuba opened up to tourism in the early ’90s The Castro Brothers became concerned […]

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