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Paladares Havana | Doña Eutemia

Ask Leticia for whatever you want at this paladar, she will make it come true, the diminutive elderly owner of Doña Eutemia is very accommodating. She wants so much to offer an intimate relaxing place that she hopes you’ll linger – even when she has a queue outside. This paladar is opposite an artist’s workshop […]


Paladares Havana | Atelier

Another french themed restaurant meaning “workshop” in French, situated in an inspiring Havana mansion Atelier is a contemporary space with a large main room and two balconies with numerous cushions. An antique hob outside and old sewing and adding machines inside give the place a retro feel. Niuris Higueras is the manager and owner, who […]


Paladares Havana | Cafe Laurent

This paladar has an modernized 1950s feel with 1950s old newspapers & adverts cover the back wall. Billowing white awnings outside provide shade and a touch of modern Miami.   Although it is just around the corner from the famous Hotel Nacional, you have to be guided into the apartment building, where a small antique […]


Paladares Havana | Le Chansonnier

Reopened by Hector Higueras in October 2011, Le Chansonnier used to be a French-themed private restaurant cluttered with antiques, an average if not run of the mill place to eat. Its reinvention has left little trace of the old interior of the house, which dates back to 1860. Le Chansonnier is now a haven of […]


Paladares Havana | San Cristobal

Carlos Cristóbal Márquez Valdés named this paladar after himself as its owner, chef and driving inspiration,. Cluttered and eclectic, one of the nicest palades havana has to offer and, this is a lived-in space on the bottom floor of an early 20th-century mansion. Piles of old books are stacked atop beautiful old furniture; black and […]


Paladar in Cuba

Cuban Paladar A Paladar is a restaurant usually situated in the home of a Cuban family. Cubans being entrepreneurial by nature have turned this slight easing of controls into a whirlwind success. And this despite the insurmountable odds faced when opening a business your government begrudgingly had no choice but to permit. Owners of the […]