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Paladares Havana | Cafe Laurent

This paladar has an modernized 1950s feel with 1950s old newspapers & adverts cover the back wall. Billowing white awnings outside provide shade and a touch of modern Miami.   Although it is just around the corner from the famous Hotel Nacional, you have to be guided into the apartment building, where a small antique […]


Paladares Havana | Le Chansonnier

Reopened by Hector Higueras in October 2011, Le Chansonnier used to be a French-themed private restaurant cluttered with antiques, an average if not run of the mill place to eat. Its reinvention has left little trace of the old interior of the house, which dates back to 1860. Le Chansonnier is now a haven of […]


Pope Visit to Cuba

Pope Visit to Cuba The Pope Visit to Cuba is causing serious problems for Americans trying to book travel to Cuba. Hotels are hanging up their collective “sold out” signs already, almost unheard of in the month of February. Local travel professionals said “the Pope Visit to Cuba has brought thousands of staff from all […]


Amelia Bar – Miramar Trade Center

Amelia Bar Disco   Amelia Bar – Miramar Trade Center (3rd avenue side) Some of you who have been to this place throughout the week will wonder why I am recommending it yet its still one of the very popular Places for Americans in Cuba. Why you ask? It’s a pretty drab none descript place […]


El Gato Tuerto

El Gato Tuerto Jazz Bar El Gato Tuerto Havana Cuba – Another one of the Popular Places for Americans in Cuba is a jazz bar just down from the Hotel Nacional and on the Malicon near la Piragua and a very Popular Places for Americans in Cuba.  A good venue both early evening, for your […]


Club Nautico Marina Hemingway

Club Nautico Marina Hemingway The Club Nautico Marina Hemingway sits at the beginning of Canal 2 at Havana´s infamous Marina Hemingway and is one of the most Popular Places for Americans in Cuba. To get to it you simply drive along the Malicon and then continue along after the tunnel onto 5th Avenue. 5th is an extension […]


El Diablo Tun Tun

El Diablo Tun Tun El Diablo Tun Tun – Behind the gas station just up from La Maison in Miramar Not many reviews about this Club but still one of the Popular Places for Americans in Cuba and sometimes called a Piano Bar (not sure why…) Quite frankly the El Diablo Tun Tun is the jewel […]


Habana Cafe Havana Cuba

Habana Cafe Habana Cafe Havana Cuba – Located on the ground floor of the Melia Cohiba Hotel this American Bar wannabe does have some interesting attractions but one cannot help feeling the lack of Cuban ambience spoils the overall feel of the place. However, this is still one of the Popular Places for Americans in […]


Club Habana – Havana Cuba

Club Habana – Havana Cuba Club Habana – To find this amazing Club simply use the above directions or visit there while visiting the Club Nautico as they are very close together. Yet another of the Popular Places for Americans in Cuba, the Club Habana is a place where you will rub shoulders with the […]


El Floridita Havana Cuba

El Floridita El Floridita Havana Cuba – Well what can we say? This place needs very little introduction as one of the Popular Places for Americans in Cuba. Probably the nerve center of Cuban Culture El Floridita was made famous by Ernest Hemingway and a plethora of other personality’s who´s photos decorate the dimly lit walls. […]

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