Cuba Car Rental From USA

Cuba Car Rental from USA

Cuba Car Rental from USA







New Discount Code – DESC2012CTS


The news this month is an “across the board 20% discount” on Cuba Car Rental from USA for rentals starting on or before the 30th of July. Essentially all categories and models receive the 20% discount code. The incredible offer being rolled out by the three major operators allows Cuba Car Rental from USA online bookings with an amazing 20% off between 25 April 2012 and July 31st. Furthermore, rentals which begin in the discount period and end later (presumably August) will have the remaining days discounted by 10%.


This is the first time we´ve seen an across the board discount scheme for online sales for Cuba Car Rental from USA. As far as we can gather the objective is that bookings be made directly with the Cuban suppliers on their approved websites because, several agents have told us that no such discount exists from them.


“Cuba Car Rental from USA Discounts Code!”


Therefore, if you are planning a Cuba Car Rental from USA this season you should book ASAP as we do not know how long the code will remain active. Visit the following official websites and make your bookings. Download here the explanation of the discount program and how to access this.


Pages for bookings in English

Cuba Car Cuba


REX Car Rental

Via Car rental


*Note: as we all know, these websites are all run by Transtur´s booking agent so bookings on any of them will garner the same results for Cuba Car Rental from USA


Don´t say we didn´t get you the latest news!! (-:



Cuba Car Rental from USA

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Paladares Havana | La Campana

la campana havana Paladar


The chill-out bar and grill La Campana looks a lot like an upmarket farm (Finca) than anything else. This is a swish ranchón beside a nice pool. Depending on the night, you may be able to combine dinner with a concert. Kelvis Ochoa, December Bueno and David Torrens have all played poolside recently. On these nights, starting around 11pm, the place gets packed to the rafters with a trendy young crowd. Sunday lunch is more a family time. The menu, which has received mixed reviews, is extensive and includes tapas (ceviche, carpaccio, papas bravas, gazpacho and so on) and sushi, pizzas and pastas (gnocchi are a speciality), Chateaubriand steak, fish and paella. Everything except traditional Cuban-Creole fare.
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• Calle 212 No 2904, between Calles 29 and 31, La Lisa, +537 271 1073

Paladares Havana | El Carruaje

havana carruaje paladar

In the tree lined suburb of Siboney you´ll find El Carruaje (The Carriage). The mansion has an elegant pool and large ranchón. The owners/managers are Mirka and Raúl. Raúl is a builder who has supervised and managed the construction. Mirka trained as a chemical engineer but somehow found her way into tourism, working for 16 years at the Habana Libre Hotel. The restaurant is her dream, with her ideas and menu. The lighting on the terrace may be a little bright, the pictures a little kitsch and the indoor area too pink, but the staff are young, attentive and quick.


Mirka describes the food as Cuban with fusion international. Starters are especially good. Normally, I dislike tamal – ground maize – but the tamal en hoja grille relleno de tomate confitado y envuelto en jamón serrano (grilled tamal filled with candied tomato wrapped in cured ham) is great. There are a lot of good main courses, including excellent lamb with red wine. A range of pizzas is also available. The quality of the place is shown by its popularity: as you leave, you are asked to ring a bell if you enjoyed your meal, and it sounds regularly.



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Address • Calle 200 No 2104, between Calles 21 and 23, Siboney, +537 271 4347,



Paladares Havana | La Galeria

paladar la galeria

One of the newest additions on the Paladar circuit is “La Galeria” which opened in mid-2011. And thus, La Galería is another welcome addition to the city’s throng of paladares. Located on the corner of Calles 19 and 12, it has an outdoor terrace as well as a nice indoor, air-conditioned space. A place of ambient charm, which would be entirely normal in most cities, but somehow appears notable in Havana. The food really is excellent and the menu is varied and well presented. La Galería is as good for garlic prawns as for filet mignon or fresh fish. The staff are experienced and apparently feel neither an intense need to chat nor abandon you when it gets quiet. I like this place.


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Address • Calle 19 No 1010, Esquina 12, Vedado, +537 836 3603


Paladares Havana | La Carboncita

La carboncita Paladar havana


Not very common in Cuba, this paladar “La Carboncita” is run by an Italian, Walter. Pizzas and pastas fittingly adorn the menu as well as some meat dishes, but most regulars simply have whatever Walter suggests. His recommendation is invariably simple, but this is undeniably the best place for pizza and pasta in Havana. I am not really sure what the secret ingredient is, but I do know that it includes a large dash of Walter’s charm, mixed with the freshest ingredients and a newly installed stone pizza oven.


The place is basic in decor and ambience but offers a great atmosphere. Pleasant, comfortable, unpretentious with lightning-quick service, this is simply a good place to eat within a 200-year-old former monastery. People in the know return again and again because one hit is never enough.



Address • Calle 3a No 3804 between Calles 38 and 40, Miramar, +537 203 0261


Paladares Havana | Doña Eutemia

havana dona eutemia paladar

Ask Leticia for whatever you want at this paladar, she will make it come true, the diminutive elderly owner of Doña Eutemia is very accommodating. She wants so much to offer an intimate relaxing place that she hopes you’ll linger – even when she has a queue outside. This paladar is opposite an artist’s workshop a few metres from state restaurant El Patio, on Cathedral Square. The contrast could not be greater.


Leticia had no formal training but has developed a traditional Cuban menu based on her mother’s dishes. She doesn’t like to invent new dishes or add a modern touch. So look for tamal, ropa vieja (literally, old clothes, a dish of shredded steak in tomato sauce), and pork, rice and beans. Don’t underestimate how well these dishes can be prepared. We loved everything, including an excellent filet mignon and octopus with garlic. If the paladar is full you’ll have a long wait: just take your newspaper and a healthy dose of patience.

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Address • Callejón del Chorro No 60c, Plaza de la Catedral,+535 270 6433

Paladares Havana | Atelier

havana atelier paladar

Another french themed restaurant meaning “workshop” in French, situated in an inspiring Havana mansion Atelier is a contemporary space with a large main room and two balconies with numerous cushions. An antique hob outside and old sewing and adding machines inside give the place a retro feel.

Niuris Higueras is the manager and owner, who has long nutured her passion for exciting food: the menu changes every day. While Niuris is the inspiration, Enrique is the experienced chef and together they create an eclectic range of dishes, including falafels, pato confitado (duck confit), lomito de res con camarones y espuma de apio al olivo (sirloin steak with shrimp and celery mousse), conejo al vino (rabbit in wine) to cerdo asado (roast pork). Desserts are standard (flan, tarts, ice cream) but good. The food is consistently excellent, if a little unpredictable, as is the service.


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Address • Calle 5, between Paseo y Calle 2, Vedado, +537 836 2025


Paladares Havana | Cafe Laurent

havana Cafe Laurent paladar

This paladar has an modernized 1950s feel with 1950s old newspapers & adverts cover the back wall. Billowing white awnings outside provide shade and a touch of modern Miami.


Although it is just around the corner from the famous Hotel Nacional, you have to be guided into the apartment building, where a small antique elevator takes you up to the penthouse. The entrance to Café Laurent gives little away….This is not a charming family-run paladar, but a stylish and professional restaurant, foremost in the new wave of private eating establishments in Havana.


The Cuban chef Dayron Aviles Alfonso is who, having worked in San Sebastián as well as in Buenos Aires, is comfortable with the Spanish Basque-based menu. The food is excellent. Red snapper with clams and shrimp in green sauce (pargo con almejas y gambas en salsa verde) is fabulous. Shrimps, steak, meatballs and salads are all well done, while the biscotti de chocolate is irresistible. On Sundays, try the lunch special: tasty paella or risotto.


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• Calle M No 257, between Calles 19 and 21, Vedado, +537 831 2090


Paladares Havana | Le Chansonnier

havana paladar le chansonier

Reopened by Hector Higueras in October 2011, Le Chansonnier used to be a French-themed private restaurant cluttered with antiques, an average if not run of the mill place to eat. Its reinvention has left little trace of the old interior of the house, which dates back to 1860. Le Chansonnier is now a haven of contemporary chic that integrates all of Havana’s coolest elements: beautiful young staff, great music, sensitive lighting and décor, as well as what must be the coolest toilet facade in Cuba (created by artist Damián Alquiles).


This is quality nouveau cuisine – without the silly small portions – put together by experienced chef Enrique. For starters, try pulpo en tinta de calamar (octopus in squid ink), caviar de berenjena (aubergine caviar) or sopa de cangrejo (crab soup). The best main courses include pato le Chansonnier (duck le Chansonnier), pechuga de pollo con salsa de tamarindo, (chicken breast with tamarind) and pescado a la provenzal (fish provencal). Desserts are reasonable, the coffee is good and our only complaint would be the limited and overpriced wine menu.


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Address • Calle J No 257, between Calles 13 and 15, Vedado, +537 832 1576

Paladares Havana | San Cristobal

havana san cristobal paladar

Carlos Cristóbal Márquez Valdés named this paladar after himself as its owner, chef and driving inspiration,. Cluttered and eclectic, one of the nicest palades havana has to offer and, this is a lived-in space on the bottom floor of an early 20th-century mansion. Piles of old books are stacked atop beautiful old furniture; black and white photos jostle for space with antique record covers and bullfighting posters, while a selection of clocks, religious artefacts and, even a full-size zebra pelt, add to the mix.


The food is Cuban-Creole: malanga, yucca, cerdo asado (roast pork), lobster, fresh fish, shrimp and other traditional fare. This is not, however, the bland standard cuisine found in many state restaurants. The dessert menu is expansive: pudding San Cristóbal (eggs, fruit, milk and almonds) is excellent while the fruit tart and rice puddings are pretty passable, as well as the omnipresent flan. The wine list is broad enough and reasonably priced.


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Address • Calle San Rafael No 469, between Lealtad and Campanario, central Havana, +537 860 1705