Bar Cafe Del Oriente Havana

Bar Cafe Del Oriente

Bar Cafe Del Oriente

Bar Cafe Del Oriente – Chic Old Havana cafe bar tantalizingly located on one side of Plaza de San Francisco in the heart of colonial quarter in Old Havana. Bar Cafe Del Oriente is another one of the Popular Places for Americans in Cuba and, extremely popular with other nationalities from Canada, Europe and Mexico, this renovated Cuban Home has been turned into one of Havana´s most recognized drinking places.

Bar Cafe Del Oriente – a fun venue with a serious side.

Although the general décor of the Bar Cafe Del Oriente makes for a more formal venue, the Cafe Del Oriente can get quite exciting as the night progresses. Mainly on of the  Popular Places for Americans in Cuba to start the evening, the bar offers a breathtaking variety of spirits, beers and wines for all tastes. Especially good for those wanting to lay off the Mojitos and Cuba Libres for a while, the choices available are truly astounding.  Food is also available but in varying quality, so don´t make this your restaurant for the night. All the Old Havana Hotels are within a stone’s throw of Cafe Del Oriente so, if you are staying there this will be one of your primary venues.

Bar Cafe Del Oriente – is open all day but gets exciting from 7pm until late…