Booking a hotel in Cuba from USA

Booking a hotel in Cuba from USA

booking a hotel in cuba from USA

Booking a hotel in Cuba from USA is rather simple but, only operators outside of Cuba, those OFAC call “third country” agencies should be used to Book hotels in Cuba . NOT agencies based in Cuba or with offices there, even if those agencies claim to be foreign owned. Of course, if you are traveling to Cuba with a license then American OFAC approved TSP´s (travel service providers) will legally be allowed to book your accommodation. We are focusing here on those who are visiting under the premise of a general license or for person to person, academic or other reason which do not require a specific license.


Organizing your stay and coordinating your trip is essential should you wish to save time. However if you speak Spanish and enjoy a challenge… then you could book just a few nights up front then play it by ear for the rest of your stay. Third country operators and agencies generally do not charge in USD do to the excessive cost of paying in this currency in Cuba so expect to pay in Euros or another currency. As credit/debit card payments are automatically converted from the billing currency back to USD by your bank then this is by far the cheapest way of Booking a hotel in Cuba from USA


Booking a hotel in Cuba from USA from as little as 15 USD per night!


One program particularly popular with American tourists Booking a hotel in Cuba from USA is the Flexy Drive Program in Cuba which includes both a rent a car in Cuba along with prepaid hotel vouchers. Essentially, these programs offer 65 Flexi Drive affiliated hotels all across Cuba in all major cities and provinces, which can be visited at your leisure as you drive around and across the country. The first two nights are pre-booked for you based upon your request and then on the first night you then book your third night in another location at the hotel reception. The package comes with a list of all the hotels and a map of Cuba, a rental car (various sizes are available) and the ability to add rooms to the package so that groups of up to 9 people can travel together and sample the delights of Cuba at their own pace. This is definitely an economical way of exploring the country, especially when 2 or more couples or families are using the same vehicle. The package starts at just 2 people for a minimum of 6 nights stay and can be tailored to a maximum of 9 people in one vehicle. Of course, for larger groups the package can be purchased with more than one vehicle at the same great rates. As stated, this package has proved extremely popular with American tourists Booking a hotel in Cuba from USA as it removes the headache of booking the whole trip in advance and allows you to stay at any particular location as long or as short a time as you wish. Simply booking your onward hotel being the only requirement to moving around which can be done for free at the reception of any hotel that participates in the program.

Booking a hotel in Cuba from USA need not be complicated so long as you make sure you do it right

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