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Flights to Cuba Tampa & Fort Lauderdale

Flights to Cuba from USA Getting Flights to Cuba from Southwest Florida may no longer require a two-hour drive to Miami to be able to Travel to Cuba On Monday, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection approved Southwest Florida International Airport to operate specialized Flights to Cuba. It was one of 12 airports, including Ft. […]


Americans Helping Cubans

American going to Cuba? Whatever your reasons are for visiting Cuba, whether it is simple curiosity or a lifelong yearning of pent up desire from having been prohibited from visiting there; our government has made it clear that what they want for the Cuban people is liberty. Not just of expression but also freedom to […]


American traveling to Cuba FAQ

American traveling to cuba FAQ American traveling to Cuba information Q & A Q. American traveling to Cuba, will my passport be stamped by Cuban immigration upon arrival? A: NO. Your passport is not stamped the tourist visa is stamped and immigration keeps one copy and you the other. The part you have is then […]


Cuba Travel Restrictions

Cuba Travel Restrictions – Latest news The U.S. government has imposed Cuba Travel Restrictions since 1960, after Fidel Castro came to power. The American government has essentially limited sanctioned travel to journalists, academics, government officials, those with immediate family members living on the island and others licensed by the Treasury Department. In January 2011 President […]


Rent a Car in Cuba from USA

Rent a Car in Cuba from USA For most of us Americans, booking a Rent a Car in Cuba from USA will be the most logical thing to do. After all, we can´t carry that much money and getting money in Cuba is quite difficult so, arranging the Rent a Car in Cuba from USA […]


Amelia Bar – Miramar Trade Center

Amelia Bar Disco   Amelia Bar – Miramar Trade Center (3rd avenue side) Some of you who have been to this place throughout the week will wonder why I am recommending it yet its still one of the very popular Places for Americans in Cuba. Why you ask? It’s a pretty drab none descript place […]


El Gato Tuerto

El Gato Tuerto Jazz Bar El Gato Tuerto Havana Cuba – Another one of the Popular Places for Americans in Cuba is a jazz bar just down from the Hotel Nacional and on the Malicon near la Piragua and a very Popular Places for Americans in Cuba.  A good venue both early evening, for your […]


Club Nautico Marina Hemingway

Club Nautico Marina Hemingway The Club Nautico Marina Hemingway sits at the beginning of Canal 2 at Havana´s infamous Marina Hemingway and is one of the most Popular Places for Americans in Cuba. To get to it you simply drive along the Malicon and then continue along after the tunnel onto 5th Avenue. 5th is an extension […]


Paladar in Cuba

Cuban Paladar A Paladar is a restaurant usually situated in the home of a Cuban family. Cubans being entrepreneurial by nature have turned this slight easing of controls into a whirlwind success. And this despite the insurmountable odds faced when opening a business your government begrudgingly had no choice but to permit. Owners of the […]


Internet in cuba

Internet in cuba     Like many of us you are probably “wired” to your cell phone for everything from simply calls to email to even the internet in Cuba. Unfortunately, your cell phone will not work in Cuba. In fact, no US carriers offer any type of roaming in Cuba. If you have family […]

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