Amelia Bar – Miramar Trade Center

Amelia Bar

Amelia Bar Disco


Amelia Bar – Miramar Trade Center (3rd avenue side)

Some of you who have been to this place throughout the week will wonder why I am recommending it yet its still one of the very popular Places for Americans in Cuba. Why you ask? It’s a pretty drab none descript place sandwiched between two tours of the Miramar Trade Center behind the Melia Habana and Triton Hotels. However, the secrets out because this place “IS” one of the popular places for Americans in Cuba BUT only on Friday nights… Yes on Friday night this place is buzzing with young Cubans from the more upscale area of Miramar, sporting their designer clothing and good looks. Why? Well, this remains to be established but Friday night offers an open bar and cheaper drinks and the whole place is emptied of tables (it’s usually a restaurant) and the party begins.

Amelia Bar – Friday´s only!

Take up a position outside Amelia bar and mingle with the Cubans who hang around outside. The whole party is not inside but outside Amelia Bar, between the two towers of the MTC that surround the Amelia. This is a perfect Friday night “starter” bar as the party begins at around 7pm and ends around 11pm. follow the congregation to one of many other Clubs in the area.

Great starter bar from 7pm onwards Amelia Bar Miramar Trade Center