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Cuba Coffee and tobacco plantation tour

Cuba Libre Walking through the pincushion hills, wandering amongst orchids and lush mountain coffee plantationssee another side of the island on this week-long tour through the Garden Province of Cuba. Tour a tobacco plantation, snorkel crystal clear waters full of colourful coral and search for the pirates of lore along the Guanahacabibes Peninsula. Soak up […]


Cuba Adventure Cultural Tour

Central Cuba Adventure Enjoy the sights and sounds of central Cuba on this week-long adventure to some of the famous sites that have drawn outsiders to this magical island over the last several decades. Journey through history-infused Havana and the cobblestone streets of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then head to Cienfuegos for some […]


Playa Ancon Trinidad

Playa Ancon Trinidad Playa Ancon Trinidad until recently was a tourist-only beach on the south coast, but it has two big pluses: it is 6 kilometers of largely empty white sands; and it is near the historic town of Trinidad. The diving is also spectacular at the Playa Ancon Trinidad. You can get there by bus or […]