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Can Americans travel to Cuba ?

So, Can Americans travel to Cuba now? One of the most recent buzz phrases from Key West to New England is “Can Americans travel to Cuba?” The short answer is a resolute YES and, many of us have already taken the plunge, often times at exaggerated tour rates just to be one of the first […]


Casa Particular in Cuba | American

Casa Particular in Cuba or Hotel?     As an American we often wonder whether we should choose a Casa Particular in Cuba or Hotel for our stay. This will depend entirely on both your budget and the type of experience you wish to have. Below is some candid information to help you choose either Casa Particular or […]


Americans | Money in cuba

Money in Cuba This topic is probably the most controversial subject concerning Americans Visiting Cuba. Many people have varied opinions, sometimes partly true and sometimes downright erroneous. We´ll attempt here to clarify:   Money in Cuba | American Debit/Credit cards in Cuba   It goes without saying that your cards WILL NOT work to get […]