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Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo Cayo Largo, a 26 km long island off the south coast. The beaches are great and diving is good. There are plenty of packages for all budgets, though you have to use local air transport to get there, which may not be to the taste of nervous flyers.   “Cayo Largo, turquoise sky […]


Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco If you prefer a Cuban beach-only vacation you would be better going to the smaller tourist only resorts at Cayo Largo, a 26 km long island off the south coast than the tiny Cayo Coco.  The beaches are great and diving is good. There are plenty of packages for all budgets, though you have […]



Varadero Around a third of visitors to Cuba go all inclusive to Varadero, the Cancun of the Caribbean. Regrettably it has been turned into a tourist ghetto. Varadero is the Caribbean’s largest resort complex with a check-point at the entrance to make life difficult for Cubans getting into the 14 miles, thin spit of pure […]


Playa Giron

Playa Giron Playa Giron is a small beach resort close to the Bay of Pigs and loacted in the Matanzas Province 120 KM east of Havana. Giron is 191 km from Havana – about 3-4 hours by bus and around 2-3 hours using your Cuba Rent A Car. A taxi from Havana will cost you […]


Santiago de Cuba Beaches

Santiago de Cuba In the furthest south-east of Cuba lays the country’s second city and old colonial capital – Santiago de Cuba . There are a number of hotels and resorts along the coast, many of them either bad and run-down or very bad and touristy. The best beach at ANY resort in Santiago de Cuba […]


Playa Ingles Cuba

Playa Ingles Cienfuegos Between Trinidad and the under-rated town of Cienfuegos there are a number of lovely, deserted beaches and some average hotels. Playa Ingles, 26km west of Trinidad is often recommended, but just to the east, in front of the deserted Campismo Playa Ingles where you can park, are three or four lovely small, sandy […]


Playa Ancon Trinidad

Playa Ancon Trinidad Playa Ancon Trinidad until recently was a tourist-only beach on the south coast, but it has two big pluses: it is 6 kilometers of largely empty white sands; and it is near the historic town of Trinidad. The diving is also spectacular at the Playa Ancon Trinidad. You can get there by bus or […]


Playa Santa Maria del Mar Havana

Playa Santa Maria del Mar Playa Santa Maria del Mar is one of the best spots. It’s a $12 ride from Havana Centro or Vieja to Playa Santa Maria del Mar, add $2-3 from Havana Vedado or Miramar, and a $16 ride from the airport – airport cabs may try and charge more so ask […]


Playas del Este Havana

Playas Del Este – Havana’s South Beach To the east of Havana on the north coast, a 15 minute drive from central Havana on a reasonable dual-carriageway, lie 10 miles of white beaches, the Playas del Este : Havana’s South Beach.   The Playas del Este resorts are still little more than villages and are […]


Beaches in Cuba

Beaches in Cuba There are three types of Beaches in Cuba : great beaches effectively reserved for Western tourists; great beaches where Cubans and tourists can go; and some pretty terrible beaches.   “Top 10 best beaches in Cuba?”   When Cuba opened up to tourism in the early ’90s The Castro Brothers became concerned […]

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