Playas del Este Havana

Playas Del Este – Havana’s South Beach

Playas Del Este

To the east of Havana on the north coast, a 15 minute drive from central Havana on a reasonable dual-carriageway, lie 10 miles of white beaches, the Playas del Este : Havana’s South Beach.


The Playas del Este resorts are still little more than villages and are far more basic than the main tourist beach resort of Varadero (of which more later). They are also largely undiscovered by Westerners who tend to be packaged off to Varadero. Cubans have access to the Playas Del Este, though this can be limited by the police.


The Playas closeness to Havana makes them ideal for combined Havana and beach vacations. You can stay in Havana and easily get to the beaches, or stay in the cleaner air of the beaches and quickly get into Havana. Cab fares to and from Havana are around $12-16. If you are driving with a Rent A Car in Cuba , the road-signs are at best confusing and at worst non-existent.


“Playas Del Este all Chicas from Havana”


The main towns are Guanabo, Playa Santa Maria del Mar, Playa El Megano, Santa Maria Loma, Playa Bacuranao and Playa Tarara.


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