Playa Giron

Playa Giron

Playa Giron

Playa Giron is a small beach resort close to the Bay of Pigs and loacted in the Matanzas Province 120 KM east of Havana. Giron is 191 km from Havana – about 3-4 hours by bus and around 2-3 hours using your Cuba Rent A Car. A taxi from Havana will cost you around $120. There is a small Bay of Pigs museum and the resort is half an hour’s drive from the interesting Boca de Guama swamps, but that’s about it. Anything else worth visiting is a good two hour drive.


The Villa Playa Giron hotel consists of two long, utilitarian blocks surrounded by a strung out series of concrete bungalows and a handful of dirty coconut palms set in a large, rutted, grass field by a rocky beach. Mixture between a Russian Gulag and Stalag 15, stuck it in the Caribbean and you begin to get the flavor. The rooms are around $25pn single and $35pn double. The dismal bungalows are about $40pn and the buffet food is to match. The clientele are mainly on packages. Playa Larga Hotel offers something a little better and is near the Bay of Pigs monument and also on a nice beach.


“Playa Giron is better knowns for the Bay of Pigs Invasion”


The beach itself is run of the mill, though there are some better small coves further along the coast. The main beach is also protected by the ugliest concrete sea wall looking like the New Orleans breakwater after Katrina…. There is, though, reasonable diving: apparently the big attraction is a blind fish which lives in underwater caves. Just as well they can’t see the environment….(-:


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