Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo

Cayo largo

Cayo Largo, a 26 km long island off the south coast. The beaches are great and diving is good. There are plenty of packages for all budgets, though you have to use local air transport to get there, which may not be to the taste of nervous flyers.


“Cayo Largo, turquoise sky contrasts superbly with white coral sand”


27 km of virgin beaches, Cayo Largo del Sur extends along the warm and crystal-clear waters of the coast. The sand is very fine, white and enduringly fresh, uniqueness which are unlikely to be found in Place in Cuba and rarely in the world.


The constant turquoise sky contrasts superbly with the white coral sand. The moderate tropical weather offers an average temperature of 27c and has very little rainfall.


Oddly, Cayo Largo actually has some history because 800 years ago the Taino Indians lived here. This location offers a natural kingdom of ecological exquisiteness in perfect harmony that is home to 360 iguanas, chelonian, herons, pelicans and various parrot species. The sea contains vibrant and varied fauna, as well as a 19 nautical mile coral reef where different species of black coral can be admired in less than 35 m of water. This diversity characterizes the vegetation along the coast and 4 types of mangroves decorate the old dunes, coastline and beaches. We took a snorkeling excursion from the Havantur desk at the hotel reception which was very nice.


Day four of our week in Cayo Largo at the Barcelo Cayo Largo Beach Resort the weather turned. Unusual (we were told) intermittent thunder showers turned to a full on tropical system for our last 3 days. Big contrast! and we are told, very rare in cayo Largo. We watched the previously bone dry restaurant fountain fill to overflowing and all out flood the low paths. The rain was very heavy. Bravo to the hard working staff to keep hotel functioning in the monsoon weather- we had a “humid lunch” by the pool on our last day, a river ran right through the middle of the tables, the waiters happily rolled up their pants and splashed through the torrents to keep us served. This was our first experience with any rain at all in CL. Our room leaked down one wall quite a bit (our maid was nice to give us extra towels to staunch the flow and use as mops.) The rain also caused a short in our AC unit which meat the circuit breaker went off continually and we had no power until it let up. Not a big deal, Cayo Largo was fun and the storm, in hindsight, made for an eventful few days…(-:


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