Playa Ingles Cuba

Playa Ingles Cienfuegos

Playa Ingles Cienfuegos
Between Trinidad and the under-rated town of Cienfuegos there are a number of lovely, deserted beaches and some average hotels. Playa Ingles, 26km west of Trinidad is often recommended, but just to the east, in front of the deserted Campismo Playa Ingles where you can park, are three or four lovely small, sandy bays only used by a handful of Cubans and the odd friendly dog.

“Tip: Best Hotel in Playa Ingles is Hotel Jagua

You’ll need a hire car in Cuba to enjoy this area, but the hotels are reasonable. Avoid the very commercialized like Hotels Faro Luna and Rancho Luna nearer to Cienfuegos – the best bet is the Villa Guajimico 42km west of Cienfuegos which is in a lovely spot on a forested inlet. It has cabanas for $35-55 depending on season and occupancy. The food is dire, so buy fruit and supplies in Trinidad or Cienfuegos and aim to eat out. Otherwise the Motel Yaguanabo is cheaper, but not so pleasantly situated by a bridge closer to Playa Ingles.

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