Playa Ancon Trinidad

Playa Ancon Trinidad

Playa Ancon Trinidad

Playa Ancon Trinidad until recently was a tourist-only beach on the south coast, but it has two big pluses: it is 6 kilometers of largely empty white sands; and it is near the historic town of Trinidad. The diving is also spectacular at the Playa Ancon Trinidad. You can get there by bus or train, but it will be slow – allow 5-6 hours. The 373 kilometer journey from Havana takes 3-4 hours by car. A taxi from Havana to Playa Ancon Trinidad will cost you about $160 so your best off with a Car Rental from Havana or wherever you are…


Playa Ancon Trinidad is 12 km south of Trinidad on a narrow peninsula with the beach on one side and a swamp leading onto a large bay on the other.


The ugly Hotel Ancon is the largest hotel with rooms at about $50pn for a single and $65 for a double, the food is dire. The Club Amigo Costasur is better and all inclusive. It is smaller and has sea-front cabanas. The main hotel block is a typical ’60s-’70s Cuban effort and therefore no chocolate-box, so try and get a cabana if you can. Single rooms are around $30 and doubles $45pn. The cabanas which have a small sitting room tend to range from $45 to $55pn. There is a pool and the food is just about edible. Both hotels are bookable through packages, room-only through Cuba-specialist travel agencies or direct.


“Playa Ancon Trinidad 3 miles of bliss”


There are one or two cheaper hotels towards Trinidad and private-flats and houses in Trinidad itself. It is worth booking if you want the Costasur as it gets full. If you want a cabana, insist on it and do not let them bump you into a main block room when you get there – one of their favourite tricks. Phones are rudimentary.


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The Costasur’s beach is nothing special, but a kilometer along towards the Ancon the white sands are almost deserted. Playa Ancon has good deep sea fishing, excellent diving and other water sports. The sea tends to be calmer than the northern coast, but there is usually a bit of surf and, as always, take local advice on swimming conditions and currents.


A new 4-star hotel, the Las Brisas Trinidad del Mar , opened recently on Ancon Beach and is modeled on old Trinidad buildings. It is available on an all-inclusive basis and we have received good reports. Prices around $95 per person, all inclusive, with drinks – still quite steep for a hotel with regular power cuts and a frequent lack of hot water, but the breakfast is excellent and the food generally good. You should get a better deal here booking through an agent rather than as a walk-in.


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