Paladar in Cuba

Cuban Paladar


A Paladar is a restaurant usually situated in the home of a Cuban family. Cubans being entrepreneurial by nature have turned this slight easing of controls into a whirlwind success. And this despite the insurmountable odds faced when opening a business your government begrudgingly had no choice but to permit. Owners of the Paladar, and you will hopefully talk to many of them, have to jump through hoops and tackle bureaucracy you only thought existed in movies… However, these are the people who are the fledgling generation a democratic Cubans

“we ate at a Paladar the food was excellent”

So, hopefully you´ll need no coaxing to use a Paladar as much as you can when dining out in Cuba. It’s not easy to shun these mythical places like Bodegita del Medio, El Aljibe or the Tropicana Cabaret, we know this but, by using these family owned restaurants you’re directly empowering the Cubans who work there, their families, relatives and friends, rather than a massive government tourism cash machine which controls everything.

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