La Maison Havana

La Maison

La Maison

La Maison Havana Cuba – Street 7 on the corner of 16th in Miramar

Fashionable, Chic and very daring, the La Maison is one of the extremely Popular Places for Americans in Cuba. After this writer went there, it took a few hours to sink in just how cool this place had been. First off, there´s the building itself, an impressive colonial type building with elegant façade showing incredible detail in the design, once inside the massive doorway the interior is no less impressive. On the right there is one of the few jewelers stores in Havana called Coral Negro (Black Coral) which offers everything from Diamond rings to brand name (lower cost) watches and other jewelry.

La Maison – What a catwalk!

Upstairs there are several small stores selling the clothing paraded by the models during the show and, what models!! As a single male this was very unsettling, to say the least and, judging by the bull whistles coming from a table who sounded like Canadian women, they were equally impressed with the men… La Maison Havana is a fashion show but, like most things in Cuba, it come packed with the razzmatazz of Cuban flair. We took the all inclusive offer which included a table (near the catwalk), two bottles of rum, 6 coca cola (well Cuba´s sugary Tu Cola), and a three course meal. The show began with music from which was excellent and then a choreographed dance routine followed by the aforementioned fashion show. After the show there´s music but most guests migrate to the small discotheque which is with the grounds of the building on the right of the catwalk, where we met several fellow Americans and had a great time.

Tip: You should dress elegantly when visiting La Maison

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