Cuba travel for us citizens

Cuba travel for us citizens

Cuba travel for us citizens

Cuba travel for us citizens has long been an elusive prospect. On one hand there´s the embargo and the trading with the enemy act and its provisions but, did you know that Cuba travel for us citizens is not actually illegal? US law prohibits spending money in Cuba but does not erode constitutional rights of Cuba travel for us citizens

So, how is Cuba travel for US citizens possible?


Cuba travel for us citizens “GENERAL LICENSE” Requires no application, no permission, and no prior approval from Washington to travel to Cuba. The individual, academic or religious institution simply complies with the spirit and intent of the regulations. The general license is a do it yourself license.


US Citizens not traveling under the auspices of an academic or religious institution prepare simple research documentation demonstrating compliance.


If a school or religious institution sponsors an individual traveler, the institution provides a letter of authorization for travel. It is quick and easy. There are no costs or fees involved.


Cuba travel for us citizens “SPECIFIC LICENSE” An individual or institution submits a detailed application to the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Response from Washington may be as fast as four weeks or may take much longer. There is no guarantee that the license will be approved. There are no fees involved.


Cuba travel for us citizens PURCHASING CUBA TRAVEL SERVICES Americans cannot purchase travel services directly from Cuba. They must do so from a licensed US-based Travel Service Provider (TSP), or they can purchase travel services from a third country agent. In either case, Americans should use caution before committing precious travel dollars. An institution or individual traveler should verify the tour company has a long history of providing travel services, has legal standing in Cuba but has NO representation or address there. Professional references and a long track record are also essential.


General License categories under which Cuba travel for us citizens is possible is to join a Cuba Education Tour.


Educational travel for schools, including faculty, staff and students (general license).


Professional research travel (general license). Very good for individual travelers.


Religious travel hosted by a church, synagogue, mosque, temple or other religious organization (general license). Great for group and individual travelers.


As explained above Cuba travel for us citizens is easier now than it has ever been.


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