Habana Cafe Havana Cuba

Habana Cafe

Habana Cafe Havana Cuba – Located on the ground floor of the Melia Cohiba Hotel this American Bar wannabe does have some interesting attractions but one cannot help feeling the lack of Cuban ambience spoils the overall feel of the place. However, this is still one of the Popular Places for Americans in Cuba and is worth a visit, albeit short one. The Habana Cafe food is not bad but more catered for the burger crowd than the connoisseurs.

Habana Cafe – a slice of the US of A in Havana

Drinks are expensive and in this writers opinion, not very good. However, I may have been on a “bad bar night” as often can be the case in Cuba. The interior decorations are somewhat original with a 1940´s small Cubana passenger plane suspended from the roof along with memorabilia from the 50´s, not the most original venue but one of the popular places for Americans in Cuba.

For many, the Habana Cafe could be the best bar they went to or the worst, depending on your tastes. One cannot help but suspect that the Melia Group who own the towering hotel above wanted to rip off some American culture while creating this venue so, you tell us, is Habana Cafe good or bad?

Whats your take on Habana Cafe?