Pope Visit to Cuba

Pope Visit to Cuba

Pope visit to cuba

The Pope Visit to Cuba is causing serious problems for Americans trying to book travel to Cuba. Hotels are hanging up their collective “sold out” signs already, almost unheard of in the month of February. Local travel professionals said “the Pope Visit to Cuba has brought thousands of staff from all professional sectors, from diplomatic to journalists and everything in-between”


It seems that staff from news outlets around the world are getting and early start for the Pope Visit to Cuba and sending their correspondents and anchors to Havana way ahead of time. The same seems to apply to un-related diplomatic and security staff from nations who are sending high ranking officials to Cuba.


“Sold Out signs – Pope Visit to Cuba”


After contacting the primary booking dot com site used by Americans Cuba Hotel Reservations ,our chat with agents revealed that, like a tsunami wave, the bookings started in the center of Havana and Old Havana and have now fanned out as far afield as the Marina Hemingway or Playas del Este, as visitors scramble to tie up rooms for their stays.


One nonprofit group which plans to visit Cuba in early march didn’t expect this: “we thought that the heat would be on at the end of March but, not the first week, we have people from our group staying in 6 different hotels as there is no availability”


The same has been confirmed this week on tripadvisor, as a quick scout through the listings reveals a similar picture.


What is really surprising is that even after the Pope Visit to Cuba , two weeks after appears to be booked too. All we can gather is that as these crews and support staff wraps up their stays after the visit they need time to move on…go figure.


The Pope Visit to Cuba did not affect however the recent cancellation of flights from Cancun to Havana by the airline Aeromexico has also brought widespread problems for Americans who had planned to visit Cuba by that route. Cuba Travel US has proposed different routes with Copa to cover the route.


Transport on Viazul has also be struck by the Pope Visit to Cuba “bug” as many of the buses have been commandeered for official use, presumably for Cuban communist party staff or officials.


Good luck if you´re traveling down there. Anyone else finding problems related to the Pope Visit to Cuba?


Pope Visit to Cuba