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This paladar has an modernized 1950s feel with 1950s old newspapers & adverts cover the back wall. Billowing white awnings outside provide shade and a touch of modern Miami.


Although it is just around the corner from the famous Hotel Nacional, you have to be guided into the apartment building, where a small antique elevator takes you up to the penthouse. The entrance to Café Laurent gives little away….This is not a charming family-run paladar, but a stylish and professional restaurant, foremost in the new wave of private eating establishments in Havana.


The Cuban chef Dayron Aviles Alfonso is who, having worked in San Sebastián as well as in Buenos Aires, is comfortable with the Spanish Basque-based menu. The food is excellent. Red snapper with clams and shrimp in green sauce (pargo con almejas y gambas en salsa verde) is fabulous. Shrimps, steak, meatballs and salads are all well done, while the biscotti de chocolate is irresistible. On Sundays, try the lunch special: tasty paella or risotto.


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• Calle M No 257, between Calles 19 and 21, Vedado, +537 831 2090