Paladares Havana | Doña Eutemia

havana dona eutemia paladar

Ask Leticia for whatever you want at this paladar, she will make it come true, the diminutive elderly owner of Doña Eutemia is very accommodating. She wants so much to offer an intimate relaxing place that she hopes you’ll linger – even when she has a queue outside. This paladar is opposite an artist’s workshop a few metres from state restaurant El Patio, on Cathedral Square. The contrast could not be greater.


Leticia had no formal training but has developed a traditional Cuban menu based on her mother’s dishes. She doesn’t like to invent new dishes or add a modern touch. So look for tamal, ropa vieja (literally, old clothes, a dish of shredded steak in tomato sauce), and pork, rice and beans. Don’t underestimate how well these dishes can be prepared. We loved everything, including an excellent filet mignon and octopus with garlic. If the paladar is full you’ll have a long wait: just take your newspaper and a healthy dose of patience.

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Address • Callejón del Chorro No 60c, Plaza de la Catedral,+535 270 6433