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In the tree lined suburb of Siboney you´ll find El Carruaje (The Carriage). The mansion has an elegant pool and large ranchón. The owners/managers are Mirka and Raúl. Raúl is a builder who has supervised and managed the construction. Mirka trained as a chemical engineer but somehow found her way into tourism, working for 16 years at the Habana Libre Hotel. The restaurant is her dream, with her ideas and menu. The lighting on the terrace may be a little bright, the pictures a little kitsch and the indoor area too pink, but the staff are young, attentive and quick.


Mirka describes the food as Cuban with fusion international. Starters are especially good. Normally, I dislike tamal – ground maize – but the tamal en hoja grille relleno de tomate confitado y envuelto en jamón serrano (grilled tamal filled with candied tomato wrapped in cured ham) is great. There are a lot of good main courses, including excellent lamb with red wine. A range of pizzas is also available. The quality of the place is shown by its popularity: as you leave, you are asked to ring a bell if you enjoyed your meal, and it sounds regularly.



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Address • Calle 200 No 2104, between Calles 21 and 23, Siboney, +537 271 4347,