El Floridita Havana Cuba

El Floridita

El Floridita

El Floridita Havana Cuba – Well what can we say? This place needs very little introduction as one of the Popular Places for Americans in Cuba. Probably the nerve center of Cuban Culture El Floridita was made famous by Ernest Hemingway and a plethora of other personality’s who´s photos decorate the dimly lit walls. Sit in awe in the very same place these people sat several decades ago while drinking (be careful with the ice headache here) the notorious El Floridita Daiquiris and, very potent ones at that as this writer later discovered…

El Floridita – Venue frequented by the stars, poets and celebrities

Seldom mentioned in any revues is the excellent Cuban Restaurant in the El Floridita. Particularly good and varied selection of seafood’s and meats along with some interesting appetizers, the restaurant is well worth a shot should time permit between the Daiquiri onslaughts you will, almost certainly, indulge.

El Floridita is open all day until late (around 2am) 24/7

Hotels near the El Floridita are Hotel Inglaterra, Hotel Parque Central, Hotel Saratoga, Hotel Santa Isabel, Hotel Plaza, Hotel Telegrafo

TIP: Several bars close by mean that El Floridita can be part of a Pub crawl very easily