Sailing to Cuba from USA

Sailing to Cuba from USA

sailing to cuba from usa

We´ve already covered Sailing to Cuba from USA in our previous post but what about when you arrive with your boat in Cuba?


Getting around after Sailing to Cuba from USA


Car Rental Cuba – Your berth will come specified with free parking close to your vessel therefore; if you rent a car in Cuba you will have secure parking. Furthermore, as ports in Cuba are semi restricted areas, if you prebook the car then this will be added to your entry permit before prior to arrival, meaning easy access and fewer formalities entering and exiting the port on a day to day basis.


Flights – For greater distances, the best option is to book national flights in Cuba and these can also be pre-confirmed prior to your arrival.


Buses – Often overlooked are the ViaAzul buses which regularly and efficiently move large groups of tourists around Cuba with scheduled service and using new, air-conditioned buses. As an example, a ticket from Havana to Santiago de Cuba can be as little as 16 CUC or 16 USD.


Money issues


The Cuban government still levies a 10% tax on the green back when exchanging to the local CUC currency. However, this is only limited to the exchange of bank notes but, NOT travelers checks nor Western Union advances. Therefore, to save money it would be better to organize either of these two non cash methods prior to your departure. Probably the best route is to organize the prepayment of all major expensive items before you arrive. These can be paid using your American credit/debit card and can cover; berth, accommodation (off vessel), immigration costs, car rental, national flights and even fuel. To prearrange and pay these services visit Cuba Yachts and either discus with an agent via chat, call or send your request via email.

So, after Sailing to Cuba from USA its not all plain sailing but navigating the bureaucracy is rather simple


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